My name is Phil. I’m 35, recently widowed, and father to two beautiful children: Seanie and Sophie. I’m writing this blog to help friends and people who know and love me, my deceased wife Janie, and our kids to stay abreast of what’s going on in our world, and also to talk about this transition into single parenthood from a male perspective.

While I have placed my hope in Jesus, this is by no means a Christian blog. I find the majority of Christian content saccharine and nauseating, and I have no desire to be associated with it. I will try to shoot as straight from the hip as I can, and that includes the bile and soul sickness that comes with losing the love of your life.

That said, neither will this be a raw, profanity laden series of diatribes and rants. I find that sort of thing childish, and while I can and do swear like a sailor I believe that one more four letter word laden blog is just not what the world needs at this time.

Not that the world needs this blog. But I think I do. Maybe you do, too. Maybe my babies will one day. My hope is to be truthful, share the pain, sorrow, frustrations and joys of being a single dad, even if I didn’t ever want to be one.

As the blog title suggests, I live in Durban, South Africa. More precisely, I live in the suburb of Waterfall. This is a wonderful country, and my heart is here. The place where I live will makes its way into these pages in time.

Finally, I say thanks for reading this blog. Feel free to post and write. I’ll try to get back to you, I promise.


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